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Puppy School

Puppy School is a course designed to teach your puppy (and your family!) the basic manners it will need for life, along with helping to build a wonderful temperament. It runs for five weeks in a safe, pleasant environment designed to socialise your puppy with people and other dogs of the same age.

Getting started early is the most important thing you can do for your puppy. You need the right tools to ensure they are learning the behaviours and life skills required to be the best they can be.

REMEMBER – the period up to 14 weeks of age is your puppy’s biggest development period – so you cannot afford to hold off or wait to start Puppy School.


Puppy School… Why Bother?

“It costs a lot of money” – Consider how much you paid for your gorgeous new puppy, how long your dog will be in your life and how much we spend on education for our children. Now think, how much will it cost to replace your new sneakers, or the Television or your iPhone?

The cost of Puppy School is tiny in comparison.  

A professional trainer and the right start for your puppy will go a long way to helping you raise your new puppy, allowing them to become a well-mannered and happy dog. After all, if you wanted to learn tennis or guitar, you would take lessons from a professional, wouldn’t you? And we know that everyone’s an expert when it comes to puppies! Just like having a baby, everyone has advice and tips. If you want the best education for your new baby, here’s what you need to know about Puppy School.



Puppy & Dog Training at Caroline Springs Veterinary Hospital
Puppy & Dog Training at Caroline Springs Veterinary Hospital

What age to start training? – Yesterday!

Ideally your breeder should have started the development process already by  exposing your puppy to lots of new (or novel) experiences, sounds, sights, surfaces, handling and more.
The period from 3 to 14 weeks of age is the most important time to develop, educate & start to socialise your puppy. So from 8 weeks when you get your puppy home, your role is to really focus on their continued early development. Remember, puppies start learning the minute they come home – both good behaviour and bad!

The quality of puppy training

There are still some older methods of puppy and dog training around so doing your research to ensure you find a qualified, professional, positive, force free trainer is crucial.

 Look for:

  • A qualified and experienced trainer using modern reward based training methods (food, toys, games & fun) to build the relationship between you and your new pup
  • A trainer who specialises in pet dog classes for families
  • A maximum of six puppies per class.
  • Screening to ensure all pups are healthy & vaccinated (puppies only need one vaccination to safely attend puppy school)
  • A class that teaches pups manners and prevention of behavioural problems such as jumping on people, biting, barking, etc. before it’s too late
  • Classes that teach you how to calm your puppy: a puppy that learns calm behaviour and self control can focus. Frantic puppies don’t learn!
  • Minimal well managed play: rough, free-for-all play can lead to shy pups becoming scared of other dogs and bullies learning to be bigger bullies!
  • Time for questions in class, ongoing support and further education
  • A trainer that is a Professional Member of the PPGA and uses methods recommended by the Australian Veterinary Association and continually updates their skills and knowledge
  • Training methods that focus on rewarding and shaping behaviour, rather than correcting or punishing. Old fashioned “dominance” dog training techniques such as scruffing, water sprays, hitting or shouting “no” are very dangerous and unnecessary, particularly where children are involved
  • Education about safe equipment like harnesses: puppies should not be wearing tight head halters or choke chains
  • Read testimonials & reviews online

With the right start, your puppy has the potential to learn and pick up new, lifelong skills fast.

 You will only get one shot at training your baby puppy. Do your homework and avoid the potential grief and disappointment of a relationship gone wrong! Train with Fun, not fear!

What classes do we offer?

Baby Puppy Class

A must for all puppies as early as possible! Puppies have a window of socialisation and early learning, and this is it! Whatever you do, don’t miss getting your pup into Puppy School as soon as it arrives home.

  • Designed for Puppies from 8 weeks – 14 weeks of age
  • 5 week course
  • Small group session to help maximise learning – max 6 puppies in a class
  • Great, large heated/air conditioned room plus outdoor area
  • Comprehensive Information session before classes start
  • Free Puppy Book covering everything you will need and a Free Training Bag
  • Weekly emails and handouts
Puppy & Dog Training at Caroline Springs Veterinary Hospital

We cover topics such as:

  • Toilet training, biting/mouthing, chewing, jumping
  • Sit for greetings, Look, Drop, Come when called
  • Settle on a mat
  • Socialising with other dogs and people
  • How your dog learns best and the quickest way to train your pup
  • Plus lots more and fun with Puppy Agility equipment in Week 5 of Graduation!



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