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WELCOME to Caroline Springs Veterinary Hospital and thank you for choosing us to care for your pet.
Our team of receptionist, veterinary surgeons and nurses aim to provide the very best veterinary care to you and your pet and to keep you up to date with current and new services.

Make it a safe visit

We want you and your pet to enjoy safe visits to the hospital, so please ensure that dogs attend on a lead and cats are in a secure basket at all times. Please give your pet the opportunity to go to the toilet before you visit. We appreciate however, that accidents do happen.

As we are constantly working towards providing a better service, our staff would be happy to listen to any comments or suggestions you may have.

Please Contact Us to book an appointment.

Consulting Hours:

Mon – Fri: 8am – 7.30pm

Sat: 9am – 4pm

We offer:

  • Climate controlled hospital and kennels
  • Pathology service
  • In-house pharmacy
  • Animal behaviour consults and Puppy preschool
  • Xray facilities
  • On site Ultrasounds
  • Fully equipped operating theatres
  • Up to date anaesthesia techniques for the safety of your pet
  • Orthopaedic surgeries
  • Vetpay payment plans
    ….and much more

The complete package:

  • Routine Vaccinations
  • New Puppy and Kitten health checks
  • Puppy School
  • Excellent surgical procedures
    – Routine desexing
    – we offer first class care with preanaesthetic blood tests and intravenous fluids
    – Lump removals
    – Orthopaedic surgeries such as patella and cruciate repairs
  • Full radiography (X Ray) using digital technology
  • In House laboratory for blood and urine analysis with the modern technology for quick same day results.
  • Behaviour consultations
  • A full array of dental services including dental radiographs, ultrasonic scaling and polishing
  • Nutritional advice – weight loss program
  • Exotic consults – rabbits, ferrets, birds, guinea pigs
  • Microchipping
  • Advance diagnostic imaging modalities that include ultrasonography, echocardiography and endoscopy
  • Routine follow up phone calls
  • Cat grooming under sedation
  • Special orders
  • Cremation service
  • Openpay available
  • Easy referral to emergency and specialist vet hospitals
  • Pick up and drop off centre for Vern Ryan’s boarding

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