With flu season in full swing, now’s a good time for us to answer the common question: can dogs and cats get the flu?

The answer is yes – but unlike in humans, there isn’t really a flu season for dogs and cats and infection can occur at any time of the year.

Dogs in and around Taylors Hill might contract canine cough (often referred to incorrectly as kennel cough) and cats can suffer from cat flu (commonly caused by a herpes virus).

Canine cough

This is a highly contagious disease that’s passed from dog to dog by moisture droplets. Your dog can catch canine cough anywhere there are other dogs, for example at a park like the Burnside Heights Recreation Reserve or along Kororoit Creek, or at a boarding kennel. Vaccination is given annually and is very effective at protecting your dog against the worst strains of this disease.

Your dog may still contract a milder form of canine cough, even if he has been vaccinated by our vets near Albanvale. However these conditions usually resolve by themselves or require only a short course of antibiotics.

Cat flu

This illness is also highly contagious and can be very serious, especially in elderly cats and kittens. Vaccination is highly effective and while it won’t always prevent cats from developing flu, it does help to reduce the severity of the condition. Cat flu vaccinations are given annually and are an important way to help keep your cat stay healthy in Kings Park and surrounds.

To check whether your pet is protected against these diseases, please call us. Our staff are happy to look up your pet’s vaccination history and give you the best advice.

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