Recently I was fortunate enough to attend a day workshop on “The Importance of the Customer Journey” run by the Australian Veterinary Association and hosted by Dr Alison Lambert. Alison is a vet hailing from Liverpool, UK with a wealth of knowledge of the running of general practice veterinary clinics and a gift for delivering information in a memorable and humorous manner.

Dr Timothy, our practice manager Judy and one of our nursing team Adelle accompanied me for the day.

Despite the early 7.30am start I was captivated by the depth of current Australian research information Alison has conducted and the practical advice that was delivered.

The areas covered included the various ways clients learn about and contact the clinic and the critical first phone contact relationship. Most relevant to myself, as principal veterinarian, were the details on delivering a superior experience in the consult room and growing a reputation through referrals and recommendations.

I think we all left that day at 5pm very motivated and enthusiastic but with Alison’s last words “don’t scare your team- don’t make lots of changes all at once”.

My exercise for the day then began with a sprint for the train, sadly missed. This did give Tim and I a memorable hour reflecting on the important points of the day and ways we can make some positive changes in our work place all whilst window shopping before the next train.

We have a wonderful team at work and so many of the systems and procedures Alison discussed are already ingrained in the way the clinic runs. My aim is to help the clinic improve further and reassure team members that the excellent standards we are setting are being appreciated by our animal patients and their owners.

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