The global COVID-19 outbreak has had a profound impact on all of us – including your veterinarian.

  • COVID-19 has resulted in a massive increase in people taking on new pets
    With more people working from home, this has meant more opportunities for pet owners to notice health issues with their pet.
  • Many pet owners have postponed seeking non-urgent care for their pet until after lockdown periods and so need to catch up on preventative care
  • Vets have already been dealing with months of more intensive socially distanced consultations
  • Many vet teams have been working in split shifts over the pandemic to minimise the risk of catching and spreading COVID-19, meaning longer hours and less support
  • The veterinary profession worldwide is facing a shortage of vets due to border closures and limited overseas recruitment opportunities
  • Stress and mental health issues in the veterinary profession was a problem prior to the pandemic, vets are about four times more likely to take their own life than the general Australian population, and twice as likely as human healthcare workers

What hasn’t changed: Veterinarians are still here for you and your pet.

But they can use your help, please be kind and considerate to your vet team during your appointment – your pet will appreciate it too!

For non-emergency visits, please schedule your appointment well in advance Allow ample time for medication prescription refills

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Thank you for helping us help your pets!

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